Soni Rodríguez 

My Work, my Style and my Inspiration

  Hello, everyone! 


I am Soni Rodriguez. I'm a Mexican artist residing in Austria. Here's my base and my Atelier. Among my artistic disciplines other than painting and drawing are the juggling from which I am retired, xylography and jewelry fabricated in macramé. What I'm learning is ceramics, photography and graphic design. 


I didn't have an academic training. I think this phase, for artists, is not the most important. I believe in the desire to learn from each person! That makes a difference in the artist's endless formation. I do not consider myself self-taught, but yes an artist by exception, as with what I create, I have had the opportunity to participate in various exhibitions by emerging artists and to be invited to exhibit in differents cultural centers in Europe with a very good response. 


In 2014, I decided to get fully into modern art, starting with Cubism. I set myself as a goal to understand and revolutionize it but I realized that understanding is easy, revolutionizing is complex. I strive to evolve my work from the inspiring pioneers of this artistic movement and from the artists I have had contact with. 


“The way things look is beauty and that is why I try to share different perspectives in my paintings. It is intended to wake-up the imagination of the observer.” 


In the last two years, I have developed a looser brush and a deeper understanding of the lines and forms. This gives it a touch of originality when talking about Cubism. I have achieved some harmony between the styles that influence me and I dare to say that I have an extravagant style in painting “rebel”. 

Every line and every form I perform has a special task in the work; whether to harmonize or to cut the path into the canvas and to divert the gaze. I love to bring observers of my painting to reflecting thoughts. In my work you can see clearly different combinations of styles, ways of using color to obtain a graphic harmony and color mergers to give depth and contrast a little flat painting. Most of the time I use the feminine form, as in women you can see much strength but at the same time subtle.

The process in my paintings begins with the situation that drives me to express what i feel. The photographic shoot of the person portrayed or the motive I will use and the rest as the shape or dimensions must have or how I will do it comes over time depending on the initial sketch. It usually takes me a month to finish a piece due to the drying time of oil or because of new ideas. I work with minimum eight different canvases at the same time. This gives me the opportunity to work without wasting time and to have a source of ideas for next canvases and sketches.

Well, from here I invite you to work with me, to get to know me better and to dare to watch my work. Follow me on social media – you’ll have a close view .